Why Skoolcraft

21st century learning

Making Learning Fun!
Through Gamification let’s build a landscape our 21st century learners actually want to be in. Because kids love games …

Spark Initiative

Skoolcraft has recently won a position in the Spark initiative – a venture offered by Venture Dorm, Hub Australia, Renewal SA and Flinders University – the adventure begins.


We are always looking to add passionate, dedicated individuals to our team. Please contact our Founder David Tucker if you are interested.


Our Community

The goal of our organisation is simple: let’s give Digital Natives a landscape they understand, enjoy and can thrive within.


In games, users usually have levels or progress bars that indicate how well they are doing in the game. Gamified classrooms can implement similar elements which indicate how far along students are, and how close they are to reaching the next level.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in being a part of our movement for change, please do not hesitate. We are always looking for more help. We strongly believe that many hands make light work, and we’re hoping for as many helping hands as possible.


Winner of People’s Choice Award 2019

Winner of Hub Australia’s Spark Initiative

Winner of People’s Choice Award 2019